Akita Inu - Character, Care, Training
Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary. Many lovers of…

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Bloodhound Origin Bloodhound belongs to the breeds of hunting dogs. This is a wonderful dog, and in her instinct she has no equal. On the hunt, she follows the trail…

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Small breeds of dogs are always popular among residents of megacities. Such animals, firstly, do not take up much space and can live even in small apartments, secondly, the maintenance…

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dog made the right

German Shepherd

German shepherds are fierce, but at the same time friendly, they are calm confident dogs.

The German shepherd is ready to protect the owner at any time, as well as play or perform any task, the shepherd can be a guard dog, a police dog, a shepherd or a guide dog, this breed of dog is very versatile and ready for anything.

Active, smart, faithful, beautiful – here she is a German shepherd.

German shepherd breed history
The German Shepherd was bred relatively recently in the 20th century. It was an attempt to create a shepherd dog, the German breeder Max von Stefanitz is the founder of this breed. Continue reading

10 reasons to shelter an adult dog

In one of our articles, we already wrote why it is worth taking a dog from a shelter. It has a good tablet comparing the pros and cons of “dogs for money” and “free dogs”.

Most dogs in shelters are adults. Dogs at home and in the shelter make a completely different impression. It is very sad to look at these poor scared animals who do not understand where they are and wait for the owners to return and take them back home.

Unfortunately, many of these dogs will never leave the shelter … unless there is a family with a good heart that will give them a second chance. Continue reading

Checklist for those who decide to have a dog

The appearance of a dog is akin to the appearance of a new member of the family and is accompanied by a large number of changes for both the dog and you. We have compiled a list of the necessary items to help make this transition most smoothly. Perhaps for you personally something will be superfluous – we tried to make the list the most complete.

Important questions for potential dog owners:
Do you have other dogs and how will they respond to the new one?
Is your apartment or house suitable for the type of dog you want to get?
How will your life (family, friends, vacations) and work affect your ability to care for your dog? Continue reading

Heat and dog. Memo to the dog breeder.
Summer heat is a dangerous time for our four-legged pets. Dogs do not tolerate heat well enough, so a good owner should take care of his pet. Dogs do not…


Surely, when you imagine an animal drinking milk, the first ones that come to mind are cats who happily lap it from their bowl. After all, they love this product…


Afghan Hound
History of the Afghan Hound The origin of this breed of dogs is Afghanistan. The modern Afghan breed was obtained by crossing an ancient Afghan hound with the Persian greyhound…


Boxers can look tough and aggressive, but it is only superficial, in life they are attractive, playful and joyful friends for a person. They get along with the whole family,…