What to do with a dog when the owner goes on vacation? Owning a dog that is going on vacation and for some reason cannot take their pet with them…

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10 reasons to shelter an adult dog
In one of our articles, we already wrote why it is worth taking a dog from a shelter. It has a good tablet comparing the pros and cons of “dogs…

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How many fans there are for dogs, so many who are crazy about cats. And the truth, both those and other animals have a lot of advantages. Cats can heal…

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Labradors are dogs for people, they are always ready to go for a run with you in the vicinity or play ball with you as you like. Labradors are reliable companions in any conditions and are always ready to help. They love nothing so much as attention and activity, this breed of dog is considered hyperactive.

Labrador Retriever breed history
The history of this breed of dogs began in the 19th century. At this time, on the island of Newfoundland, there was the so-called “little Newfoundland”, which was a faithful helper for fishermen. Peter Hawker brought to England several of these individuals, which he called “St. John’s Breed of Newfoundland. ” From crossing these dogs with a curly-haired retriever and, possibly, an English Foxhound and setter, a well-known Labrador appeared. In 1903, an English dog club officially recognized the Labrador. The American Kennel Club certified this breed in 1917. Continue reading

Poodle Breed

Having a pet in the house is quite popular these days.

Many people believe that their pet is a full member of the family and take care of it with great love and pleasure. Our dogs are becoming an integral part of our world. On a subconscious level, people get those animals that resemble themselves. And the dog remains the undisputed leader.

There is plenty to choose from, because there are countless different breeds, and some prefer ordinary mongrels and love them no less than purebreds. But today we are talking about the poodle breed.

Poodle – character
The poodle is one of the ten most intelligent dogs, and ranks second among the four-legged intelligentsia. Continue reading

Akita Inu – Character, Care, Training

Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary.

Many lovers of Akita breed say that this breed seems to be soothing, you feel calm and harmonious. In addition to the relaxing function of this beautiful dog, it has an outgoing character.

Akita Inu are known for their cleanliness, some people compare them with cats for lack of smell and clean appearance.

Akita Inu dogs are very patient and loyal, they get along well with children and, as a rule, protect them. Continue reading

10 good-natured breeds of dogs loyal to cats
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Checklist for those who decide to have a dog
The appearance of a dog is akin to the appearance of a new member of the family and is accompanied by a large number of changes for both the dog…