In the world there are about five hundred dog breeds. Some of them are popular with us, others are not even heard. And which dog is best to get someone…

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10 good-natured breeds of dogs loyal to cats
Below we find out which dogs love cats, but for now we’ll agree that not only the breed of the animal is important, but also its upbringing. If we do…

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Going on a trip, it’s easier for a while to entrust the lookout for the dog to friends or someone close. But what if there is nobody to ask for…

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Bloodhound Origin
Bloodhound belongs to the breeds of hunting dogs. This is a wonderful dog, and in her instinct she has no equal. On the hunt, she follows the trail perfectly, but does not kill the driven animal. Bloodhound means “bloodhound.” They have a strong sense of flair and they quickly find a wounded beast in its bloody trail.

Bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds, which is almost 1000 years old. The original home of these animals was the Ancient East, they were also popular in the Mediterranean countries. At that time, these dogs played a big role in people’s lives, and taxes were even allocated for their maintenance. The origin of the bloodhound is Belgium. Dogs of that time were black and white. To date, there are no pure black and white bloodhounds. Continue reading

Saint Bernard – History, Care, Character

You like the St. Bernard breed, now let’s talk a little about them.

The ancestors of the St. Bernards are large and hardy dogs that lived in the monastery of St. Bernard in the Swiss Alps in the XI century. Here, high in the mountains, these animals helped save people – they dug up a man and lay down next to him, warming his body. Then, when the person came to, the dog helped the traveler up and led to the monastery.

Saint Bernard breed
The Monastery of Saint Bernard was in the area of ​​the great Saint Bernard Pass, which subsequently gave its name to these dogs. According to historical data, St. Bernards helped to find and save more than two thousand people. Continue reading

The first days of a dog from a shelter in your home

First of all, congratulations on having a dog! It doesn’t matter if you bought it or took it for free from the shelter. Consider in this article how to prepare at home for the appearance of the dog and how to behave the first time.

For the first few days in a new home, the dog may be stressed. She may not understand where she is and may not know what to expect from the new owner. To smooth the transition period, it is necessary to create a clear structure of the relationship between the dog with you (as with the main owner) and the dog with the rest of the family.

Before driving a dog to the house:
Determine where the dog will spend most of its time.
Due to environmental changes, the dog will be stressed and for some time may forget the rules of behavior in the house. The best place to get a dog to start with is almost always a kitchen, as it is easiest to clean. Continue reading

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Shar Pei - History, Care, Diseases, Features of the Breed
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