For at least 8 years now, rumors have been circulating among dog breeders that the State Duma is about to adopt a law on mandatory animal chipping. But if implantation…

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Afghan Hound
History of the Afghan Hound The origin of this breed of dogs is Afghanistan. The modern Afghan breed was obtained by crossing an ancient Afghan hound with the Persian greyhound…

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In this article we will discuss which dog to get for a private home. It’s certain that pocket dogs like Yorkshire Terriers or Chihuahuas, as well as large dogs with…

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Boxers can look tough and aggressive, but it is only superficial, in life they are attractive, playful and joyful friends for a person.

They get along with the whole family, including children and other pets, be it a cat, a turtle or another dog. A boxer is well suited for living in an apartment or in a large family.

Breed boxer
weight: 25-35 kg;
height: 53-60 cm.
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Great Dane breed

Dog breed is very large with a soft and patient character. From these good-natured giants make excellent pets for the whole family. Dogs are attentive to their master and very loyal to him.

The nature of the dogs
Character and appearance combines sophistication and beauty. Indeed, they are gentle giants, dogs loving, pleasant companions who would most like to spend time at home with their families. They are very sociable to feel comfortable, they must be in the circle of people.

This breed of dog is best for those who have some experience keeping dogs, as they can be stubborn. Continue reading

English Setter

History of the English Setter breed
The English Setter is a breed from the group of cops, the representative of the Irish Setter, Gordon and English Setter, a direct descendant of old European dogs that were used in the Middle Ages to hunt game birds. The country of origin of the English setter is Great Britain.

In connection with the proliferation of firearms in the 17-18 centuries, these dogs underwent a transformation. They began to run faster, their stance became more beautiful. The appearance of the modern English setter is due to the researcher and dog breeder of the 19th century E. Laveran, who improved the quality of the breed by selection and selection. Continue reading

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