Dogs residing permanently in a house or apartment like to fool around. What are ragged wallpapers, bitten wires, or worn out housekeeping shoes. But street cousins ​​- dogs, who live…

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Afghan Hound
History of the Afghan Hound The origin of this breed of dogs is Afghanistan. The modern Afghan breed was obtained by crossing an ancient Afghan hound with the Persian greyhound…

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English Setter
History of the English Setter breed The English Setter is a breed from the group of cops, the representative of the Irish Setter, Gordon and English Setter, a direct descendant…

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animal tears

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Boxers can look tough and aggressive, but it is only superficial, in life they are attractive, playful and joyful friends for a person.

They get along with the whole family, including children and other pets, be it a cat, a turtle or another dog. A boxer is well suited for living in an apartment or in a large family.

Breed boxer
weight: 25-35 kg;
height: 53-60 cm.
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Labradors are dogs for people, they are always ready to go for a run with you in the vicinity or play ball with you as you like. Labradors are reliable companions in any conditions and are always ready to help. They love nothing so much as attention and activity, this breed of dog is considered hyperactive.

Labrador Retriever breed history
The history of this breed of dogs began in the 19th century. At this time, on the island of Newfoundland, there was the so-called “little Newfoundland”, which was a faithful helper for fishermen. Peter Hawker brought to England several of these individuals, which he called “St. John’s Breed of Newfoundland. ” From crossing these dogs with a curly-haired retriever and, possibly, an English Foxhound and setter, a well-known Labrador appeared. In 1903, an English dog club officially recognized the Labrador. The American Kennel Club certified this breed in 1917. Continue reading

Saint Bernard – History, Care, Character

You like the St. Bernard breed, now let’s talk a little about them.

The ancestors of the St. Bernards are large and hardy dogs that lived in the monastery of St. Bernard in the Swiss Alps in the XI century. Here, high in the mountains, these animals helped save people – they dug up a man and lay down next to him, warming his body. Then, when the person came to, the dog helped the traveler up and led to the monastery.

Saint Bernard breed
The Monastery of Saint Bernard was in the area of ​​the great Saint Bernard Pass, which subsequently gave its name to these dogs. According to historical data, St. Bernards helped to find and save more than two thousand people. Continue reading

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