Heat and dog. Memo to the dog breeder.
Summer heat is a dangerous time for our four-legged pets. Dogs do not tolerate heat well enough, so a good owner should take care of his pet. Dogs do not…

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English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel - This breed was bred in England for hunting. The English Cocker Spaniel is small in stature, so it is very convenient for keeping in an apartment.…

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Which gift is most desired for a child? New doll, bike, fashion gadget? Maybe. But for many children, the dream is to buy a puppy. A tailed friend will never…

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Akita Inu – Character, Care, Training

Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary.

Many lovers of Akita breed say that this breed seems to be soothing, you feel calm and harmonious. In addition to the relaxing function of this beautiful dog, it has an outgoing character.

Akita Inu are known for their cleanliness, some people compare them with cats for lack of smell and clean appearance.

Akita Inu dogs are very patient and loyal, they get along well with children and, as a rule, protect them. Continue reading

Shar Pei – History, Care, Diseases, Features of the Breed

Shar Pei Origin: China

Application: fighting, for protection, home.

Shar Pei breed standard
Shar Pei is an ancient breed of dog that has several standards. There are three main standards – English, American and Canadian. And if the English and American sharpei standards are not different from each other, then the Canadian standard is very different from the first two. The height at the withers of the Canadian sharpei is 7 cm below the norm, and in this breed there is great freedom in standardizing color.

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English Setter

History of the English Setter breed
The English Setter is a breed from the group of cops, the representative of the Irish Setter, Gordon and English Setter, a direct descendant of old European dogs that were used in the Middle Ages to hunt game birds. The country of origin of the English setter is Great Britain.

In connection with the proliferation of firearms in the 17-18 centuries, these dogs underwent a transformation. They began to run faster, their stance became more beautiful. The appearance of the modern English setter is due to the researcher and dog breeder of the 19th century E. Laveran, who improved the quality of the breed by selection and selection. Continue reading

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