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7 reasons why you should take a second dog

This article could begin and end with one sentence: “The more dogs, the more happiness.” But let’s try to tell everything in more detail.

Along with the obvious pluses, there is a flip side to the coin. She must be well imagined in order to make an informed decision, and the second dog would really be a joy. So, let’s start, of course, with the pros.

1 – More communication, joy and attention for you
Everyone knows: dogs are the most faithful friends. They support us, make us smile, warm us, even if we are not in the mood. The dog is always there, playing with us, clinging to .. or giving a hug.

If you have several dogs, you will never be left alone. Even if one of the dogs goes about his business.

2 – More communication for your dog
You cannot always be with a dog and entertain it. Two dogs can always keep each other company and communicate with each other, even when you are not nearby. Two dogs will never be bored, which is very important to prevent behavior problems. The dog will not experience a feeling of anxiety from loneliness, which is important for some breeds. And, of course, playing with two dogs is much more fun than with one!

3 – Increase the degree of socialization of your dog
The socialization of dogs, especially young puppies, is very important for the development of the emotional sphere of the animal. Puppies need to communicate with their own kind to gain experience, confidence, and acquire communication skills with another dog, and not just with a person. Naturally, it is better if for a start this experience will be acquired with a familiar dog, and not on the street. Although in the subsequent upbringing on the street and communication with an unfamiliar dog is also important.

4 – Increase your socialization
With two dogs you will often walk on the street, meet with other people more often and cause more interest among others. Two dogs are more likely to arouse interest among passers-by or other dog breeders, and it will be possible to make new acquaintances.

5 – Improving mood and health
A dog brings not only positive emotions to your life, but also improves your physical condition. And two dogs will multiply this effect. Dogs increase your activity, you walk with them, play, practice. This activity improves your physical condition, and as a result – and emotional. In addition, scientists have proven that the presence of a dog or cat at home helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Anyway, it improves the mood!

6 – Reduces the risk of allergies in children
Obviously, dogs (and cats) in the house are a huge benefit for children, educate them and teach love. But, besides this, in houses where there are several pets, the risk of allergies in children is greatly reduced. It is better, of course, if it is a dog and a cat. But certainly more than one. Maybe it was the frequent absence of pets that increased allergies in modern cities.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, says that children who interacted with two or more dogs or cats in their first year of life were 6-7 years old less susceptible to common allergen factors like animals , grass, pollen, dust.

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