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In this article we will discuss which dog to get for a private home. It’s certain that pocket dogs like Yorkshire Terriers or Chihuahuas, as well as large dogs with fine smooth hair or no coat (like, for example, Chinese crested), are not suitable for street keeping. With home content, everything is not so critical.

Dog for a private home
Therefore, a dog for a private house should be, firstly, not too small, and secondly, it is better to choose a pet with thick coat and undercoat, if he has to live on the street, even with a warm aviary. But the purpose of the animal is also important. Since some owners require a guard dog and a watchman, while others need to have a companion animal.

Street guard dogs of private homes

Guard dogs for a private home are animals that announce their owner with a loud and formidable barking about the arrival of a stranger. If necessary, these dogs can even delay a detractor for a long time if he tries to enter the owner’s home. Watchdogs are large sized pets, very physically strong, determined and fearless. They have distrust in their blood, and even aggression towards strangers. Among the popular watchmen, the following breeds can be distinguished:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Representatives of this breed are creatures with a dominant disposition, and therefore it is better to get them to owners with great willpower and a rather tough character. For training Caucasian Shepherd dogs it is better to involve experienced dog handlers. A well-brought-up Caucasian adequately and calmly treats all members of his family and other animals in the house. But the uninvited guest may get: if such a dog feels aggression from him, then he may attack. Caucasian shepherd dogs are pets with good health, they tolerate cold well, but in the heat they feel unwell, do not require frequent grooming. The average life span is 10-12 years;

Moscow Watchdog. These large dogs are good-natured to all members of the family, loyally to regular guests at home, but wary of strangers. The faithful and fearless Moscow watchmen, sensing that the owner is in danger, will fight to the last. Such pets give voice only in case of justified necessity. Caring for Muscovites is not difficult, but you cannot do without it, otherwise the dog will look untidy (combing is required at least 3 times a week and bathing at least 4-5 times a year). This breed is great for street maintenance;

Great Canary. A large guard breed of dogs that protects the owner’s house from strangers. Canary Dog can be kept in a street aviary with a heated booth, but not on a chain. The animal should have the opportunity to explore the local area. Dogs of this breed are adequate to the children of their owner, but they can not be called nannies. Therefore, it is best to bring these animals to families with older children, but not toddlers;

Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai). Alabai are strong and courageous defenders of the life of their owners. Due to their excellent health and dense hard coat, they are often brought in by residents of private houses. These dogs are easy to care for (not during molting, they need to be combed out no more than 1 time per week, bathing – a couple of times a year). Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, as a rule, love to play with children, but through negligence they can harm the baby, for example, knocking him down. This must be considered by the owner. Alabai require training from an early age, and under the guidance of either an experienced and strict owner, or a dog handler. Even bred Alabaev often have clashes with other animals, so it would be better if there are no other dogs or cats in the family.

We have listed only four watchdog breeds of dogs, although in reality there are more of them. So, to protect a private house on the street, you can pay attention to these breeds, whose distinguishing qualities are fearlessness and the ability to make a decision in a second what to do with an uninvited guest:

Chow chow
Tibetan mastiff;

Chow Chow;

Great Dane of Bordeaux;


American Akita.
Guard dogs for living in the house

The owner of a private home ownership has a choice: settle the dog directly in the house itself or equip an aviary and a warm booth on the street. We have already mentioned animals for street keeping above, now we will consider what breeds are good for protecting a private house with living indoors in the cold season:

Great Dane of Argentina
Neapolitan Mastiff (or Neapolitan Mastino). This powerful and fearless breed, but with a character that is subject to the owner. Mastino can show real malice only as a last resort. In normal times, this is a rather phlegmatic and even clumsy dog ​​that does not require excessive physical exertion. Neapolitan mastiff does not tolerate severe cold, so in winter he should live at home. Dogs of this breed love children, but can be jealous, so the owner should always pay attention to them.

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