Whippet - Description, Care, Feeding, Training
The Whippet breed is very popular among people. They are loved for their compact size, dedication, easy learning and not even conflict. Whippets get along well with other pets and…

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English Setter
History of the English Setter breed The English Setter is a breed from the group of cops, the representative of the Irish Setter, Gordon and English Setter, a direct descendant…

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One of the most frequently asked questions regarding dogs is the ability of dogs to distinguish colors. Most often you can hear that dogs simply do not distinguish colors, but…

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Dog repeller – a relevant accessory for residents of megacities and remote places. When returning home in the evening or at night, not a single person is safe from the attack of a stray or unfriendly dog ​​who has strayed from the owner. The most harmless thing that an angry dog ​​can do is to scare, tear clothes to shreds, and even cause significant harm to health in the form of bites. A small compact device will not take up much space in the bag, but will help to drive the maliciously tuned animal to a safe distance. Particularly acute in the presence of an effective repeller need:

Persons living near industrial zones, forests, in a word, in a sparsely populated area;

Children returning home from school in the evening;

Athletes (runners, cyclists), who often become victims of angry animals;

Elderly or disabled people who are not able to escape from dogs;

Mail, police, housing and communal services employees, medical staff, forced to pay a visit to houses and apartments where aggressive dogs can attack them.
Types of Dog Repellers

Consider effective devices to protect your health, and sometimes life from aggressive animals:

Ultrasonic dog repeller (“Dogs.net”, “Keko”, etc.) is a device that allows you to drive away an evil animal or even a pack of angry dogs. Influencing the enemy with ultrasound and light (and sometimes a loud siren), such a repeller does not harm the dog, but only causes it to retreat, allowing the person to quickly find a safe shelter. The range of the device is usually from 3 to 10 meters or more, although in fact the dog, having heard disgusting ultrasound for itself (it is not audible to the human ear), will run much further. It is worth noting that ultrasonic repellers are absolutely safe for animals and humans, if you turn on the device if necessary. But one should not frighten a dog with a peacefully lying device; one should also not use the device for educational purposes. By the way, an ultrasonic dog repeller can also be used as a flashlight, illuminating your way in the dark. The cost of a pocket repeller of such a plan ranges from 1.5 to 5 thousand rubles. The stationary device “Weitech”, “Sititek GROM”, etc.) will cost more – from 3 thousand rubles. Such a device cannot be taken with you, but you can protect your home from uninvited guests: dogs, cats, wild animals;

Gas dog repellents (“Antidog”, “Higher Measure”, “Epee”, etc.) – pepper spray, which for 5 – 15 minutes disable the attacking dog after pressing the spray button. The action is due to the composition of the spray containing extracts of hot pepper or its analogues, which affect the mucous membranes and respiratory organs of the animal. To bring the device into action, it is not at all necessary to come close to the enemy: the aerosol acts at a distance of 0.5 – 3 m (depending on the model). By the way, a gas scarer can save not only from a stray dog, but also from a “beast” a more terrible – inadequately configured person. The price of such a repeller is low – from 150 to 400 rubles;

Noise repellers (“Control-AS”, etc.) – spray cans that produce a deafening sound (with a volume of about 140 dB), hearing which dogs retreat without having time to do harm. The only drawback is that a loud sound will hit not only the ears of the animal, but also the person. Therefore, use the device only for security purposes, and not for games. The cost of noise repellers starts from 500 rubles and above;

Stun guns-repellers (“OCA”, “Cheetah”, etc.). These devices with the help of an electric discharge can cause a dog unpleasant pain if you touch the body of the animal with the device turned on. In addition to the pain caused by electricity, dogs are afraid of such repellents due to the aroma of ozone generated during the operation of the stun gun. In addition, during the action, the stun gun emits a characteristic crackle, which is also unpleasant for canine hearing. Stun guns-repellers are divided into 3 types: the first have a power of 2-3 W and a voltage of 70-90 kV, they are able to “turn off” the animal for 20-30 minutes; the power of the second is 1-2 W, the voltage is 45-70 kV, they cannot cause the dog to lose consciousness, but they can cause pain; the third repellers are the weakest (their power is less than 1 W, and the voltage is not more than 45 kV), they just scare away the dogs without causing much pain. The price of such devices starts from 1000 rubles and can exceed 10000 – 15000 rubles.
Where to buy a dog repeller?

There are several options: in an online store or a regular pet store, in a veterinary pharmacy. You can even protect yourself and your loved ones from the dog’s mouth by yourself, having made a repeller yourself.

DIY dog repeller

To build the most trivial dog repeller with your own hands, you will need a small plastic bottle (for example, a volume of 0.33 ml), 9% vinegar, red hot pepper and a spray bottle.

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