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The mournful dog howl is one of the most unpleasant and even scary sounds for the human ear. It is especially uncomfortable when the animal “pushes” at night. Still, after all, popular signs say that the howling of a dog portends the imminent death or illness of its owner. But is it worth it to always be afraid of dog “crying”?

For what reasons can a dog howl

Let’s try to find the reasons why the dog howls:

Dog howls
Reason 1: instinct. Even the smallest and most malicious Tuzik is, in fact, a domesticated wolf. And wolves, as you know, use howl to communicate with other relatives. Using a voice signal, wild animals communicate with other members of the pack, announce their fellow tribesmen about finding prey, and drive strangers from their land. A dog whose wolf blood flows in its veins, howling, can simply seek communication with other individuals. Hearing in the distance the piercing howl of another dog (this noise will not be heard by the owner’s ear), the pet can easily “respond” to it, introducing the owner into a stupor;

Reason 2: Feeling unwell. It only seems to us that the dog howls for no reason. But in this way the animal can complain of pain, calling a person for help;

Reason 3: sadness or boredom from loneliness. Can a dog “song” be heard only in the absence of the owner? Perhaps the dog howls when he is alone in the apartment, yearning for his beloved master. The animal is simply lonely and has nothing to occupy itself, therefore it makes noisy lingering sounds. For the same reason, an animal can “cry” on a chain, experiencing loneliness;

Reason 4: A call to play and chat. An animal can easily howl if the owner does not pay any attention to it. With the help of a loud howl, the dog, as it were, says: “Master, pay attention to me, play with me!”;

Reason 5: fear. The dog can react howling to the sirens of fast or fire engines, fireworks, shots, any loud strange sounds. When a person is afraid of something, he often screams. So the dog expresses its fear with the help of howling;

Reason 6: hunger. Does the dog howl at its neighbors? Perhaps this is how the animal asks for food. Unfortunately, sometimes people forget to fill the animal’s bowl with food, being late for work. It is not surprising that the dog begins to get nervous and howl;

Reason 7: singing along. Some dog music lovers, hearing human singing or the sounds of a guitar (piano, violin, etc.), begin to howl. The web is full of videos in which the owner, say, plays the guitar, and his dog “sings”. True, not all animals respond to music. Most dogs are indifferent to melodies;

Reason 8: warning of a fire or other disaster. Dogs have a great sense of smell; they are better than humans by hundreds of times catch the most delicate odors. An animal can howl, for example, when it smells of burning (warns of a fire). There is even such a sign: the dog howls, lifting its face up – to be a fire. In addition, sometimes animals begin to howl a few days before the robbery of the master’s house or other unpleasant event (for example, flooding of an apartment). How four-legged friends feel trouble is a mystery;

Reason 9: predicting a severe illness or death. No matter how terrible, but sometimes the dog howls in the yard, day or night, to the worst news: to the illness or imminent death of his master (or any member of the family). Mysticism can be treated differently, but it happens that on the eve of the untimely death of a man his dog howls for a long time and piercingly. Why is that? How can a dog know that a breakup is coming? There is an opinion that a pet simply smells a special smell from a person before death. But the animal can also howl before sudden death (accident, fall from a height, etc.). No explanation can be found. The dog just anticipates trouble. By the way, according to legends, a dog howls to the deceased, having buried its face in the ground;

Reason 10: joy. In order not to be too scary, we note that the dog can howl with joy, for example, meeting his master from work. Or smelling an individual of the other sex running nearby. That is, the animal expresses its positive emotions with the help of howling.
Signs about howling dogs

People who lived long before us did not have the opportunity to draw information from newspapers or the Internet. Therefore, they tried to capture and analyze everything that was happening around: the spoken words, their own and others’ reflexes (sneezing, twitching of limbs, etc.), the behavior of animals and birds, the change of weather. So numerous beliefs were built, including about dogs (almost all of them, unfortunately, are negative):

Dog howls
The dog howls in the yard at night, staring at the front door (gate, gate) – there will be bad news from afar (from relatives or friends). Another option – misfortune can happen to the owner, but outside the house. Or the owner in his own house will suffer, but at the hands of alien enemies;

The animal howls, coming close to the person – a warning of danger (illness, accident, etc.);

An unknown dog follows the man and howls – a bad omen, a signal of trouble;

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