Akita Inu - Character, Care, Training
Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary. Many lovers of…

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Akita Inu - Character, Care, Training
Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary. Many lovers of…

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Almost every dog ​​from time to time finds during the walk “aromatic yummy” and enjoys treating it. As a found “treat” there is carrion, rotting pieces of meat, spoiled bones, excrement. Naturally, the owner of such an animal addiction is horrified, and the dog at least henna. Today we’ll talk about unpleasant situations when a dog eats his stool, that is, about coprophagy. By the way, about 17% of all dogs on Earth regularly eat their own or other people’s feces, and about 85% of pets sin from time to time. Consider what makes animals feast on smelling foul-smelling piles.

Reasons for eating feces by dogs

To discourage a pet from an unpleasant habit, you will need to find out what is the reason for eating feces. So, the animal is able to eat feces in the following cases:

Why does the dog eat feces
Imitation of the mother. When the puppies are still small (under 1 month old), the mother dog takes care of them, eating their heaps. Therefore, the grown up doggies, repeating the actions of the mother, also eat feces;

Hunger. Sometimes a dog eats feces for the most banal reason: it just got very hungry. Owners who forget to feed their pet may not be surprised that the animal is happy to get enough of feces;

Genetic memory. Dogs, even the tiniest ones, are essentially domesticated wolves. And in the wild, some individuals (especially weakened, young and immature) eat their own feces so that a strong opponent does not find them by smell;

The search for nutrients. Today, domestic dogs do not need to eat their own feces, but earlier animals often ate feces of herbivores, consisting of fermented greens, to improve digestion. Modern animals do this even now, especially if their diet is poor in nutrients. By the way, in addition to dog feces, pets are able to eat cow dung, cat heaps, rodent droppings. Own feces and even someone else’s can not only replenish the lack of nutrients, but also contributes to a better digestion of the food eaten;

Submission to strong individuals in a pack or in an apartment. Homeless animals sometimes eat heaps of other dogs to show their weakness. If several dogs live in the apartment at once, some of which have a strong dominant character, then weak individuals can eat their feces to demonstrate respect and submission;

Rivalry with a cat. If a dog eats cat feces, perhaps this is how the animal wants to show who the real owner is in the house. As you know, both dogs and cats often mark their territory, making heaps and puddles. The dog, having sensed the “aroma” of cat feces, strives to destroy them as soon as possible (i.e. eat) in order to show that the territory does not belong to the hated cat. When a dog eats cat feces, it can not only compete with another pet, but also strive for cleanliness (if it knows that the owner will not be delighted with feces laid in the wrong place);

Taste addictions. We don’t understand this (which is for the best), but sometimes a dog eats his stool just for the reason that he likes its taste and smell;

Stress. Anything can unbalance the dog: moving to a new place, traveling by car, prolonged absence of the owner, preparation for the exhibition and the event itself, corporal punishment. Sometimes its own owner provokes a dog to eat feces, which at the sight of a stacked pile he swears a lot, or even hits a pet. It is not surprising that the dog, out of fear, hurries to eat feces as soon as possible so that the owner does not growl;

Lack of masterful attention. It happens that a modern busy person does not have time not only for a dog, but even for family members. Work, being in transport, conflicts, pressing matters and much more drives a person out of himself, leaving no opportunity and desire for games and affectionate communication with animals. A dog, in order to attract attention to itself, can eat its own feces, as if to say: “Master, look at what I’m going for you to play with me!”;

Boredom. A dog can just get bored if it is even briefly locked in an apartment. It happens that people do nothing to do stupid things, but this is not a stranger to dogs;

Helminthiasis. If the dog has someone else’s feces or its own feces, worms may be the cause. In addition to feces, the animal may show gastronomic interest in other seemingly inedible substances: earth, polystyrene, coal, sand.
What to do if the dog eats feces

What to do if a dog eats feces (his or someone else’s) during a walk or at home? Eating stool is not just an unpleasant habit, but also a serious danger, especially if the dog “feasts” on other people’s feces. Who knows, what if an animal swallows a bowel movement of a dog suffering from a viral or bacterial infection, helminthiasis? That is, in some cases, a bad habit can be deadly. So, if the dog eats feces, the owner should do this:

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