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It is difficult to find a person whom a bee has never stung in his life. Bites of honey insects not only cause pain, but also carry a considerable danger: inflammation of the mucous membranes (if the bee has bitten, for example, over the eyelid), swelling of the larynx (with a bite in the neck), allergic reactions. In a word, a bee is not pleasant from a sting. And what about the situation with our pets – dogs? After all, they are also often bitten by striped toilers-bees.

Animals can become a victim of a bee sting because of their own curiosity when they try to catch buzzing insects. And sometimes a fatal bite is a coincidence if a bee flew in through an open window, and the dog simply ended up at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Why a bee sting is dangerous for a dog

First, let’s figure out what happens when a sting insect bites. If we are talking about bees, then they act like this: they dig into the body of a person or animal, leaving a sting in it that has a poisonous sac and nicks. Therefore, the phrase “the bee stung the dog” instead of “the bee bitten” sounds more correctly, since the bees cannot bite. But their other pathetic “relatives”, such as wasps, bumblebees and hornets, may well bite. By the way, a bee stings only once, after which it dies, leaving its sting weapon with a part of the intestine in the body of an animal or person. The same wasps can sting repeatedly, glaring at the enemy again and again.

Dog and bee
There are enough pictures on the Web that show dogs bitten by bees (or wasps). In the photo, animals with swollen noses or paws huge from swelling look funny, but in fact there is nothing funny here. A bee sting for a pet can turn into such troubles:

Allergy – as a rule, allergic reactions appear when a dog is simultaneously stung by several bees at once. However, a single bite can cause such unpleasant consequences: excessive salivation, trouble breathing, swelling and itching in the bite area, pain (especially if a bee has bitten a dog by the nose – the most painful place), sometimes gastrointestinal upset, discharge from the nose and eyes , temperature rise;

Choking – half the trouble, if the dog was bitten by a bee in its paw. But it is very dangerous if the dog ate a bee (i.e. the insect flew into the animal’s mouth). In this case, the insect can sting the doggie in the tongue, sky, throat, which will lead to overlapping oxygen;

Anaphylactic shock is a reaction that usually occurs in dogs after being bitten by bees (and other insects). Actually, anaphylactic shock is a consequence of an allergy to bee stings. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock are: redness and blistering of the skin, severe swelling of the skin and tissues, wheezing during breathing, mournful whining, vomiting, impaired muscle function (convulsions), collapse, involuntary emptying of the bladder and intestines.

It is important to note that a slight swelling at the site of the bite and a single dog squeal is not a problem. However, if the owner has noticed at least some disturbing symptoms (for example, signs of anaphylactic shock), you need to immediately go to the veterinarian or quickly call him at home. Otherwise, the animal may die!

How to help a dog bite a bee

If a bee has stung a dog, it is important to first determine the location of the bite, so that the sting is carefully removed with tweezers. Then you will have to carry out such rescue activities:

Dog and bee
Rinse the bite site with running water;

Give the affected pet an antihistamine (for example, Tavegil, Suprastin, Fenistil or special preparations for animals like Allervet). It is better to calculate the dose of “human” tablets or drops with the help of a veterinarian, but if you cannot call the doctor, you should give the dog such an amount of the drug that is suitable for children (for example, babies from 6 years old should be given half a tablet of Tavegil twice a day therefore, so much must be given to the dog;

In addition to antihistamine drops or tablets, the wound should be lubricated with an ointment against itching (for example, with the same Fenistil or Tavegil in the form of an ointment);

The wound, from which the bee sting has already been removed, should be treated with hydrogen peroxide;

Apply a cold compress to the place of penetration of the sting for 15-20 minutes (iced products from the freezer also come wrapped in a towel)

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