Raising a dog at home
Raising a dog begins at home, from the first days of being in it, and lasts a lifetime. In the house, the animal spends a lot of time communicating with…

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5 questions to ask when taking a dog as a gift or from a shelter
1 - Did the dog go through the necessary medical procedures Vaccination Sterilization Test for worms and parasites It is advisable that the dog you like has already gone through…

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Small breeds of dogs are always popular among residents of megacities. Such animals, firstly, do not take up much space and can live even in small apartments, secondly, the maintenance of small dogs is economical in comparison with the maintenance of giant dogs, thirdly, toddler pets usually don’t lose their fun and old age carefree temper.
In other words, many dogs dream of small dogs, for example, pugs, Yorkshire terriers, Pekingese and other “little things”. But to buy a small dog is not enough, you also need to choose an appropriate name for the animal. In our article, we will discuss how to name a dog of a small breed boy.

Name by coat color

The name for the miniature baby can be selected depending on its color. For example, a doggie with a white fur coat can be called Ice, White, Weiss, Blanche, Blanco, Snowball, Sugar. A pet with black hair is suitable for such nicknames: Knight (Find), Ugolek, Sazhik, Mulatto, Raven, Chernysh, Black. The red dog is suitable for: Ginger, Orange, Orange, Cupcake, Ray, Spark. The gray baby can be called the Mouse, Gray, Ash, Shadow, Silver.

Pet name

Names for small boys dogs can be related to their character:

Small Breed Dog – Russian Toy Terrier
For quiet males, the names Tikhon (Tisha), Baby, Peaceful, Kroha, Splyuha, Sonya are suitable;

For doggies with a warlike character, such names as Warrior, Fighter, Akella, Zeus, Odin, Ares, Mars, Perun, Sinister, Wolf are suitable;

Dogs who love to frolic will fit the names of Egoz, Hang, Naughty, Gamer, Igrun, Volcano;

For those pets that have excellent appetite, “edible” nicknames will be appropriate: Goulash, Cheese, Obzhorka, Havchik, Kharcho, Bagel, Pie, Pelmen, Julien;

Doggie with royal habits can be called Earl, Viscount, Baron, Monsieur, Boss, Milord or Lord, Duke, Tsarevich, Khan.
Nicknames with an eye on the dimensions of the doggie

Since you need to come up with a name for a dog of a small breed, why not associate it with the modest size of the dog: Knopich, Gnome, Vintik, Little, Krosh or Kroha, Mini, Micron, Micro, Microbe (if the owner is with humor). If you don’t want to emphasize the small size of the dog, you can give the dog a name that is more suitable for a giant dog, it will sound pretty funny: Gigantic, Colossus, Rock, Bison, Titan, Goliath, Goby, Makhin.

Beautiful human names

It will be beautiful and unusual if you give a tiny doggie a foreign name, and preferably based on the origin of the breed. For example, we give beautiful nicknames for small dogs of boys of six different breeds:

Small Breed Dog – Yorkshire Terrier
Pugs can be called in Chinese (these dogs appeared in ancient China): Wenyang, Zian, Kiang, Xiu, Lei, Day, Bay, Yunksu, Yanlin, Tao, Enlai, Liu;

Chihuahua comes from Mexico, because they are suitable for such names: Mateo, Diego, Pedro, Angel, Alvaro, Elias, Gonzalo, Hugo, Manolo, Sancho, Vasco;

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The Yorkshire terriers that were bred in the UK can rightly be called this: John, Nigel, Jack, Henry, Kelvin, Charlie, Dick, Gordon, Greg, Thomas;

The snow-white Bichon Frize, which is born in France, the names Alain, Basil, Valerie, Gaston, Joseph, Luke, Otis, Serge, Fabrice, Charles, Eugene will do;

Miniature Prague rats will need Czech names: Leos, Marek, Lubos, Jiri, Rados, Zdenek, Karel, Milos, Ignaz, Elias;

And dwarf pinschers can be called German names: Adlar, Astor, Waldo, Ivo, Orel, Otto, Ralph, Tillo, Heinz, Helmut, Erich.

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If foreign names are not to your liking, you can choose Russian nicknames for small dogs of boys by looking through a list of ancient rare names: Anisim, Aksen, Taras, Osip, Savva, Gordey, Ustin, Merkul, Luka, Arkhip, Efim, Kuzma, Peresvet.
Funny nicknames for dogs of small breeds

You can consider funny nicknames for dogs of boys: Mutant, Fang, Grizzly, Dude, Hamster, Google, Disco, Macho-man, Monster, Viskar, Pivasik, Absinthe, Ninja, Vaznyak, Hedgehog, Uncle, Severe, Peak peak, Navel , Shoe, Centner, Cent, Kozyavka, Mr., Hippie, Pixel, Fruit, Shock (or Shocker), Sneak, Cosine, Gigue-jerk, Kotan, Ceratops, Diplodocus, Allosaurus.

The most unusual nicknames for dogs of small breeds

If the owner has a desire for the dog’s nickname to be rare and unusual, you can fantasize a little:

The names of water bodies (lakes, rivers, waterfalls) sound beautifully as a name for dogs: Yenisei, Irtysh, Damas, Fichtbach, Gotyo, Piano, Korbu, Izyar, Hauge;

Exquisite names in honor of beautiful flowers: Hyacinth, Crocus, Oleander, Boxwood, Ficus, Arabis, Iris, Coleus, Cereus, Cyclamen;

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