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How many fans there are for dogs, so many who are crazy about cats. And the truth, both those and other animals have a lot of advantages. Cats can heal joint pains and relieve stress with their measured rumbling, while dogs guard the house from ill-wishers and help people in distress. It is difficult to decide which of these pets is better. And what about the potential owner, who is at a crossroads, choosing between a cat and a dog?

Pros and Cons of Cats

Cats are one of the most popular animals on Earth, the number of these amazing creatures on the planet has long exceeded 500 million. And this figure is approximate, since only pets were taken into account when calculating, but homeless poor fellows were not included in this figure. Do cats have advantages? Their mass, we will try to list only a few:

Dog and cat
Cats treat owners. And this is not a myth, but a scientifically proven skill. Sound therapy of any cat, regardless of breed, contributes to the speedy healing of bones and healing of diseased joints, pacifies heart pain and respiratory problems, relieves inflammatory processes, and removes its owner from depression;

Cats are real neat. It is believed that they spend 30-40% of their waking hours washing their fur coats. This means that the house will not have an unpleasant smell from the animal;

Cats are usually unobtrusive. Yes, many of them love affection, but in fairly limited quantities. As a rule, purrs can entertain themselves, but dogs will have to spend much more time. When buying a cat first of all, you can be sure that talking with her will not take much time, in the future it will be enough to raise a dog;

Cats do not need to be taken out daily. This is a valuable advantage over dogs with which you still have to walk with rain or cold. Cats can relieve the need of the house, making puddles and piles in a tray;

Keeping a cat costs the owner less than keeping a dog (if you do not take into account pocket dogs that eat little). Agree that any cat, even a healthy Maine Coon cat, will eat less in comparison with, say, Alabai or Great Dane;

Cats are quiet animals. Yes, they can sing serenades during sexual hunting, but the rest of the time they are much quieter than dogs who not only bark, but also sometimes howl;

Cats do not need a lot of space, they can be kept even in a small apartment. Dogs need more space;

Cats rid the house of uninvited guests in the face of rats or mice, which often annoy the owners of private houses. And some whiskers even catch cockroaches and centipedes;

Cats live longer than dogs. On average, homemade pussy with good care can reach up to 15-18 years (and this is not the limit), but among dogs, dog dogs like Chihuahuas are considered centenarians;

A cat can be fearlessly left in the apartment for a couple of hours, and even for a day (provided that the animal has access to water and food). After eating, the pet will most likely curl up and doze off. This is important for busy people who do not spend so much time in the walls of an apartment. You won’t leave the dog alone for a long time.
Well, cats have many advantages. But these animals also have disadvantages, which we list below:

Dog and cat
Cats are very wayward. Unlike dogs, they can not put their master in anything. Often domestic cats or cats have such a dominant character that they try to do everything contrary to the owner: they sleep in bed, and not on their bed, write not under the bed, but under the bed;

Cats are almost impossible to train. They are able to learn some commands (for example, “You can’t!”), But you won’t get such obedience as from dogs;

Games with cats often end in disrepair, namely, scratches and bites. Moreover, they can hurt both an outsider and his own master, if he, say, touched the tail or stroked a little longer than it was possible;

Cats hate traveling. Being in a car or public transport is fraught with stress for them. During the ride, many cats scream loudly, tend to run away, scratch the owner’s hands. Dogs in this regard are much more mobile and calmer;

Some cat owners complain that they inflict tangible damage to property: they gnaw flowers and turn over pots, tear upholstery. In fairness, not all pussies sin by this;

Cats usually molt more abundantly than dogs, unless it is a hairless breed like the sphinx or left-handed;

Almost all cats are uncommunicative animals. They may ask for caresses occasionally, but they will spend most of their time alone. Every minute communication in the form of stroking and scratching they will not tolerate. This should be taken into account for those people who have small children;

Many cats, especially cats, like to label. Moreover, it is far from always only in the “love” period. The unpleasant smell of cat urine can lead to even the most patient owner.

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