Whippet - Description, Care, Feeding, Training
The Whippet breed is very popular among people. They are loved for their compact size, dedication, easy learning and not even conflict. Whippets get along well with other pets and…

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Small breeds of dogs are always popular among residents of megacities. Such animals, firstly, do not take up much space and can live even in small apartments, secondly, the maintenance…

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Many owners, noticing that their dog is riding a pope on the floor, quickly grab onto gadgets in order to film such a comedic behavior of a doggie on video.…

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Going on a trip, it’s easier for a while to entrust the lookout for the dog to friends or someone close. But what if there is nobody to ask for help, or is it planned to move to another city or even another country for permanent residence? The only sure way out is to take your doggie friend with you. Animals can be transported on trains, but can dogs be transported on an airplane? Let’s try to figure it out.

Dog Air Conditions

When planning to travel with an animal, you should carefully study the rules for transporting dogs on an airplane in advance:

How to transport a dog on an airplane
Notify that there will be a dog on board is necessary 36 hours or more before departure;

When booking a ticket, the airline employee must inform the breed of the animal, its weight (with and without packaging), height, size of the container for transportation;

Before departure, the dog must be examined by a veterinarian at the airport (this procedure lasts about 45 minutes, therefore it is better to arrive at the airport in advance, at least 2 hours in advance);

The most important vaccine is from rabies, without it the dog will not be allowed on the plane at all. It is important that the animal is vaccinated at least 1 month and at most 12 months before the flight;

A competent citizen over the age of 18 years has the right to accompany an animal;

You can sit in the cabin with a dog only in remote places (for example, near the toilet);

It is forbidden to install a container with a dog in the aisle;

It is forbidden to place a container with a dog in the vicinity of another person’s child and another’s animal;

The owner who travels with the dog must have a veterinary first-aid kit (it is better to consult a doctor about its contents);

It is not allowed to take the dog out of the container during the flight;

It is forbidden to feed animals during the flight, but you can drink it if the transportation of dogs on the plane lasts more than 5 hours;

A special sticker with information about the animal and its owner is attached to the container with the dog (all these data must be checked before departure);

Due to jumps in atmospheric pressure, it is forbidden to give the dog sedatives;

The dog must wear a muzzle, a leash and a collar during the flight (some companies require only a leash and a collar);

It is not recommended to feed the dog later than 4 hours before departure;

Before flying, you should walk the dog well.
Which dogs can not be transported on an airplane

Traveling by air is a serious matter. And of course, not every dog ​​will be allowed to fly unhindered. So, it is forbidden to fly with sick animals. This refers to serious infectious diseases: rabies, plague, leptospirosis, microsporia and trichophytosis, infectious hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis.

Dog on the plane
Also, the airline company has the right to prohibit the flight of the owner with a brachycephalus dog (pug, boxer, shar pei, Pekingese, etc.). Such animals with a shortened muzzle in an airplane may experience breathing and heart problems due to the non-standard structure of the skull.

Transportation will be denied to heavy dogs whose body weight combined with the weight of the shipping container exceeds 50 kg. A large dog will not be able to accompany the owner during an air flight.

It is unlikely that a dog with dirty hair and an unpleasant odor will be allowed on the flight, as well as an animal that behaves extremely restlessly in a shipping container (even small dogs and puppies cannot be transported on their hands).

A number of airlines do not allow puppies under 3 months of age who, due to their age, have not yet managed to administer important vaccines. They may not be allowed on a plane with a pregnant bitch, so that the animal does not whelp during the summer. It is also possible to ban the transportation of an elderly dog ​​(over 10-12 years old) with poor health, as well as an animal of any age with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory and nervous systems. Finally, it is impossible not to mention that it is possible to transport with you at the same time no more than 5 dogs, regardless of the size of the animals.

Transportation of dogs in the cabin and in the luggage compartment of the aircraft

Depending on the size of the animal, airline representatives can offer dog transportation both in the cabin and in the luggage compartment. Animals traveling with a container weighing less than 8 kg are allowed to travel in the cabin in a container in the immediate vicinity of the owner (carrying a dog is set near the owner’s feet). In this case, two adult dogs or three puppies can be transported simultaneously, if their total weight with containers is not more than 8 kg.

Dog on the plane
If the combined weight of the animal and the tare is over 8 kg, then the dog can be transported in an airplane only in the cargo hold. Potentially dangerous dogs are also allowed there: fighting, guard, guard and aggressive dogs of any breed.

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Whippet - Description, Care, Feeding, Training
The Whippet breed is very popular among people. They are loved for their compact size, dedication, easy learning and not even conflict. Whippets get along well with other pets and…


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