Whippet - Description, Care, Feeding, Training
The Whippet breed is very popular among people. They are loved for their compact size, dedication, easy learning and not even conflict. Whippets get along well with other pets and…

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Probably few people do not know the dog pug breed. Pugs are now a very popular breed of dog. In numerous soap operas, the pug is the dog of aristocrats.…

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Bloodhound Origin
Bloodhound belongs to the breeds of hunting dogs. This is a wonderful dog, and in her instinct she has no equal. On the hunt, she follows the trail perfectly, but does not kill the driven animal. Bloodhound means “bloodhound.” They have a strong sense of flair and they quickly find a wounded beast in its bloody trail.

Bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds, which is almost 1000 years old. The original home of these animals was the Ancient East, they were also popular in the Mediterranean countries. At that time, these dogs played a big role in people’s lives, and taxes were even allocated for their maintenance. The origin of the bloodhound is Belgium. Dogs of that time were black and white. To date, there are no pure black and white bloodhounds.

Description of the breed and bloodhound character
Bloodhound is a rare breed. These dogs not only hunt animals, they are wonderful bloodhounds, they are used by the police for tracing. Their “loose” skin and short coat protect them from injury. The “hood” from the skin, descending into the eyes, sharpen the dog by smell. Bloodhound is a very hardworking, good-natured and independent dog. He has a low, drawn-out voice.

It has a complex character, requires attention, it is a very touchy dog, if you want to punish her, use only your voice. By nature, the bloodhound is a kind dog, it is very loved by children who can walk with it, holding it on a leash. If you purchased a dog of this breed, you will never regret it.

This dog is very loyal and can not help but love! For children, the bloodhound is a wonderful nanny, a great friend, protector. In each litter, 2-3 puppies are born and, if you want to prepare puppies for exhibitions, they must be properly raised, raised and fed. Puppies can be trained already from 3-4 months of age.

Bitches hunt better than males. Bloodhounds are sociable with other animals.

Male growth is 63.5-68.5 cm, females are 58.5-63.5 cm. Male weight – 41 kg, females – 36.5 kg.

Life expectancy is 9-11 years.

The disadvantages of bloodhound
doesn’t like to be alone (get him a friend, a dog or a cat)
stubborn, independent, masterful
strong dog smell
eats a lot and drools on furniture and everything in the apartment
with improper nutrition, bloating and inversion of the stomach
very large and clumsy, it is better not to keep this breed in the apartment
more suitable for one person than family
Bloodhound Diseases
ear infections
inversion of the eyelids (entropy)
hip dysplasia
skin allergy
stomach upset
And we must remember that the bloodhound is not an urban dog, it needs a house with a large garden and a spacious playground, as well as a reliable fence. The owner must be physically strong and trained, as the dog needs daily big walks. These dogs need to run as much as possible, so if you have a bloodhound, join the club of bloodhound lovers and be sure to take part in organized field trials.

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