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Probably few people do not know the dog pug breed. Pugs are now a very popular breed of dog. In numerous soap operas, the pug is the dog of aristocrats. And this is no accident – the pug has always held “high posts” due to its charm!

The origin of the pug
Pugs, like many other flat-faced dog breeds, were bred in China. There they were considered wise sacred dogs for their deep, large folds on the forehead. They were surrounded by attention and care, they even had their own servants. Tibetan Sichuan dogs are considered the ancestors of pugs. In the second century BC, pugs were famous throughout Asia. Pugs were most popular during the Song Dynasty. After a short oblivion, this breed became again popular in Beijing at the end of the 17th century. Pugs have been known in Europe since the 16th century; pugs were especially popular in the Netherlands. The Vinental Castle even has a monument to a pug (Count’s favorite dog). In Russia, pugs have been known since the end of the 18th century; they were kept by nobles. But in the course of the 1917 revolution, almost all the “Buruzui” dogs were destroyed, sharing the fate of their owners. Even a decree was issued banning the keeping of pugs, and only after the fall of the Iron Curtain did these charming dogs become more numerous.

Now the pug is one of the favorite breeds in Russia, pugs are very fond of celebrities, the owner of the dog is always smiling.

Pug breed description
Pug is a square-format dog, strong, muscular.

These dogs have a compact body and well-developed muscles, expressive eyes. The head is large, round, with no indentations on the skull.
The muzzle is short, dull, square. Wrinkles are well marked.
The neck is slightly curved, resembles a crest, strong, thick, of sufficient length to proudly bear its head.
The body is short, stocky, with a wide chest and well-convex ribs. The top line is straight and not sloping.
A mouth is a small snack. The ears of the pugs hang, slightly raised on the cartilage, soft as velvet.
The tail is high set, tightly twisted (the ideal tail is a double curl) and is pressed to the thigh, tail is donut in other words.
The coat is very short, soft and shiny. The color of pugs is silver, apricot, beige and black.
The height at the withers should be 25-35.5 cm – the smaller the better. The main thing is that the dog should be harmoniously folded.
Weight – an average of 6.35-8.17 kg (for females – 7.3 kg, and for males – 8.3 – 10 kg). Pugs are somewhat like a little ottoman.
Pug character
Pugs are very loyal to their owner, get along well with children, balanced, great for keeping in an apartment. They are cheerful and good-natured, energetic, lively, affectionate with the owner, but they are incredulous and even malicious to outsiders. It is especially popular among women and girls, you rarely see a man with a pug (there is an opinion that in ancient centuries noble ladies kept these dogs because, in their opinion, the ugliness of this breed emphasized the beauty of the hostesses).

Pug care
The content of the pug can cause 3 main problems:

Overfatigue, overheating (dogs of this breed do not tolerate heat, so you must adhere to the safety rules for sun exposure – which is generally undesirable, and in no case should these dogs be locked in a car or stuffy apartment.
Quick weight gain if you don’t restrain your pet from eating.
And because of their snub-nosed snouts, pugs snore in their sleep.
Walk with the dog on a leash: with a long run, the pug may have difficulty breathing.

Fortunately, most pugs are in good health. With proper care, nutrition and following the recommendations of the veterinarian, pugs rarely get sick, and usually live to a very old age, remaining cheerful and mobile.

If you describe this breed, in general, the dog is active, playful and it seems that he is smiling all the time, the pug will suit a cheerful woman who can give him maximum attention.

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