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Labradors are dogs for people, they are always ready to go for a run with you in the vicinity or play ball with you as you like. Labradors are reliable companions in any conditions and are always ready to help. They love nothing so much as attention and activity, this breed of dog is considered hyperactive.

Labrador Retriever breed history
The history of this breed of dogs began in the 19th century. At this time, on the island of Newfoundland, there was the so-called “little Newfoundland”, which was a faithful helper for fishermen. Peter Hawker brought to England several of these individuals, which he called “St. John’s Breed of Newfoundland. ” From crossing these dogs with a curly-haired retriever and, possibly, an English Foxhound and setter, a well-known Labrador appeared. In 1903, an English dog club officially recognized the Labrador. The American Kennel Club certified this breed in 1917.

Breed Labrador Retriever
Weight: 27-34 kg;
Height: 21 – 24 inches.
Ideal companions to a person with this way of life:
Runner and cyclist
Family man
Labrador breed description:
Very affectionate;
Breed Labrador Retriever
Dog labradors who need a lot of attention, they are not aggressive, but they can be called destructive if you do not pay attention to their education. Labradors are very friendly with all people and will be happy to play with a stick or ball. Labradors are easy to learn, they are very patient and obedient, but they are not the best guard dogs, if you need a guard, get a rottweiler or a shepherd. Despite the precautionary instincts of this breed, and excellent sensitivity, they tend to be very friendly to people, rather than aggressive. In addition, the labs are not very noisy, he will bark only in extreme cases, with unknown sounds or in the game, often bark when someone approaches your house.

Labrador Retriever gets along well with children and other dogs, quickly trained. They love to take part in family gatherings by joining a social event. A Labrador is usually bored when he is left alone for too long. This can lead to apathy and destructiveness due to all unspent energy and lack of attention to it, the dog owner must remember and take this into account. This breed will be happy and healthy if you engage in various exercises and outdoor games with it.

The average life expectancy for a Labrador is usually 10-12 years. They have relatively few health problems, but are prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections, and eye diseases. Labradors who eat too much and move little can gradually get fat and they begin to have problems with obesity. It is very important that the dog receives daily exercise along with a moderate diet. This breed is suitable for keeping in an apartment, but living in a house with a yard will be much more pleasant for a Labrador.

They are very curious, the desire to communicate and run, can make your pet jump over the fence or make a dig, so watch your dog carefully, it is advisable to attach a capsule with your address and phone to the collar in case the dog does run away.

Labradors are black, chocolate and yellow. They have a wide skull, hanging ears, friendly and smart eyes. They have thick noses and strong necks, but it is worth noting that a 7 year old child is unlikely to keep the Labrador Retriever on a leash.

Labradors have a short, thick, waterproof undercoat that keeps their body warm. Labradors are often hunted, used as a search dog or guide dog. They are great companions for children and are generally considered great companions for the whole family.

Caring for a Labrador is not at all complicated; walking is the most important thing for them.

Labrador Retriever Reviews
I adore my Labradors, as they are not only beautiful and funny dogs, but also very representative. When I’m at home, I really enjoy spending time with my dogs. Their antics make me smile, even in difficult times. They are great friends for children. My dogs have become an integral part of my family.

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