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Great Dane breed

Dog breed is very large with a soft and patient character. From these good-natured giants make excellent pets for the whole family. Dogs are attentive to their master and very loyal to him.

The nature of the dogs
Character and appearance combines sophistication and beauty. Indeed, they are gentle giants, dogs loving, pleasant companions who would most like to spend time at home with their families. They are very sociable to feel comfortable, they must be in the circle of people.

This breed of dog is best for those who have some experience keeping dogs, as they can be stubborn. Active early socialization is essential for dog training. Dogs of this breed require a lot of attention, so they are not suitable for those people who do not have enough time for walking. Think twice about setting up a great dane, as it can severely contaminate your home and even drool. Young dogs are noisy and therefore require constant monitoring. This huge dog needs enough exercise and large space because of its size.

For walks without a leash the Great Dane needs a large and safe space where he can run and jump. Dogs get along well with children when they grow up with them, but their size can be a problem if you have a very small child. Relations with other domestic animals develop differently, sometimes well, but sometimes the dog tries to take a dominant position in relation to other animals. Early socialization is just as important in this regard.

The reaction of German Great Danes to strangers can also be different and depends on the particular dog. Sometimes dogs are very sensitive to strangers, and sometimes completely indifferent.

Dogs are bold and energetic dogs, which make good guards from them, despite the fact that they do not bark very much. However, they will bark if someone walks toward the house. The weapon of the dogs is their size and strength. Even the appearance of one of the giants can scare off intruders.

In general, German dog dogs are not aggressive, not dominant, but it is advisable to start training the dog from an early age so that the Dog always knows who the owner is. After training, the dog must periodically be reminded of the rules of conduct.

Disease of the Great Dane
In general, German mastiffs are a healthy breed of dog.

Most often, the following diseases appear in dogs:

Hip Dysplasia
Varied Granuloma
Aortic stenosis
Interdigital dermatitis (subdermatitis)
Cutaneous histiocytoma
In addition, German mastiffs are prone to deafness, rash, and bone disease, including hypertrophic osteodystrophy, instability of the cervical vertebrae, elbow dysplasia, and osteochondrosis.

Great Dane Care
Dogs are not very demanding care, but regular maintenance is only good for your dog. All that is required is a brush for cleaning or a rubber glove for cleaning the dog’s fur. Dogs do not fade much like some other dog breeds. Regular grooming using dry dog ​​shampoo is better than bathing. First of all, because bathing a dog of this size is not a very simple procedure, and is not very useful for their coat, especially if you do not rinse thoroughly. It is very important to regularly care for the claws of dogs.

The claws of the dogs should be short. In addition to the Great Dane, you need to brush your teeth.

Dog Training
Dogs are usually inactive indoors, but very active outside.

In puppyhood, it is important to limit the load on the dog so that there are no problems with the joints. These dogs love to be with people, and are happy to run in the yard with their children. Without proper training, a dog can become very noisy and uncontrollable. Dogs prefer to spend several hours a day outdoors at normal temperatures and cannot stand the cold.

This breed is not prone to gain weight if it receives sufficient physical activity and proper nutrition. The dog is a gentle and calm dog, which, as a rule, is very easy to train if you start working with a dog at a young age.

Adult dogs can be more complex. This is typical for all breeds of dogs, for dogs it is especially important to get the basics of training at an early age.

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