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Whippet – Description, Care, Feeding, Training

The Whippet breed is very popular among people. They are loved for their compact size, dedication, easy learning and not even conflict. Whippets get along well with other pets and love children.

Whippet – Feature
The height of the dogs at the withers is from 47 to 51 cm;
The height of the bitches at the withers is from 44 to 47 cm; Weight from 10 to 12 kg;
Color can be any;
It is a smooth-haired breed with a close-fitting coat.
Whippets are very intelligent and well-bred dogs. Their owners bring only pleasure and joy. You can have fun with them. The dog will not refuse morning runs together with the owner, will not refuse to play the role of a guard and will become an indispensable friend. When communicating with a whippet, it is necessary to take into account the fact that these dogs are very vulnerable, therefore rudeness and force cannot be applied to them.

Whippet dogs are very playful, easily trained in various circus tricks. All training is preferably carried out in a playful way.

Description of the breed Whippet
This dog is very attached to the person, to strangers to be wary. Love for children is another positive character trait. Moreover, the Whippets are so friendly that even if the child insults them, they will never attack or take revenge on the baby, they will simply avoid his company.

Thanks to its compact size and light weight, you can always take your pet along with you on the go. That will allow not to part with it even on vacation. In terms of interacting with other animals, it is worth noting that whippets get along well with other dogs. With proper training, it is possible to establish contact with cats.

Whippet Care
The Whippet breed quickly won the love of people. This is due not only to their nature, but also to their unpretentiousness in care. How to care for a whippet will be able to understand even novice dog breeders. Due to the fact that they have a smooth short coat, care for it is minimal. It is enough to comb out the wool once or twice a week with a special brush. This procedure will be pleasant to your pet, and the amount of wool in your house will be much less. Like a dog of any other breed, a whipp molt in spring and autumn. However, this is not as noticeable as with long-haired dogs. During this period, you need to carefully comb the dog’s coat. To shine, I recommend wiping it with a cloth after combing. Another undoubted advantage of this breed is the lack of a specific dog smell. Thus, the need for frequent bathing disappears by itself. If necessary, you can redeem the dog using a stiff brush and a soft rubber glove. Also, while swimming, it is very important to ensure that water does not get into the ear canals of the dog. You can plug them with cotton balls.

In addition, do not forget about the traditional stages of animal care. This includes regular cutting of nails, cleaning the auricles, examining and brushing your teeth, and rinsing your eyes if necessary.

Breed whippet
Due to the fact that the elbows on the whippet’s paws often dry, a moisturizer can be applied. In principle, this is a healthy dog, rarely sick.

Common Whippet diseases:
Hearing problems (deafness);
Various eye diseases;
Von willenbrand disease.
Dogs of this breed do not tolerate cold, so during the cold weather you need to take care of warm clothing. It can be purchased at a specialty store. Proper whippet care will let you enjoy your pet’s healthy shiny coat.

How to feed a whippet?
Whippet puppies need balanced nutrition. The diet of a dog can consist of both finished feed and natural products. A mixed type of food is also possible. It is important to determine the type of food immediately, since it will be very difficult to transfer the puppy to another type. The question of feeding than feeding the whippet torments many owners.

If you decide to prefer dry food, dried offal is ideal. Such dry food is very useful for the dog’s teeth, it prevents the formation of plaque and stone. And also, the dog is unlikely to want to bite any more of your things after such food, such as shoes and furniture. There is nothing wrong with deciding to feed your dog organic food. The only drawback is to achieve the same feed balance. Natural food is well digested, thanks to animal proteins.

Whippets are happy to eat meat. It is advisable to give it raw, so it is better absorbed. Eggs are digested 100%. You can include them in the diet. If you give fish, make sure that it does not contain bones and is boiled. The presence of cereals, vegetables, dairy products and vegetable oil in the diet is mandatory. Of cereals, rice or buckwheat should be preferred. It is better to stew or boil the vegetables, and do not pour the broth. It must also be given to the dog, as it contains vitamins. Pumpkin, boiled carrots or zucchini will help improve bowel function. Only dairy products can be given from dairy products.

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