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Poodle Breed

Having a pet in the house is quite popular these days.

Many people believe that their pet is a full member of the family and take care of it with great love and pleasure. Our dogs are becoming an integral part of our world. On a subconscious level, people get those animals that resemble themselves. And the dog remains the undisputed leader.

There is plenty to choose from, because there are countless different breeds, and some prefer ordinary mongrels and love them no less than purebreds. But today we are talking about the poodle breed.

Poodle – character
The poodle is one of the ten most intelligent dogs, and ranks second among the four-legged intelligentsia.

There are 3 types of poodles: dwarf, medium and royal poodle. Choose the size for yourself!

Some people believe that this is a decorative dog and do not take poodles seriously. Perhaps the fault is funny poodle haircuts. But in fact, this is a hunting breed, characterized by courage and endurance. Once upon a time – they were the great bodyguards of the rulers of France (hence the name “royal poodle”), then they accompanied the soldiers in battle. During World War II, they fearlessly searched for mines and became indispensable assistants to scouts. A distinctive feature of the poodle is the ability to feel joy and compassion.

They are able to think and have excellent memory, the ability to remember hundreds of teams. These dogs can perform complex tricks on the fly realizing the owner’s desire. If you decide to buy such pets, then you need to take this into account and be ready to engage with your favorite poodle and exercises and games. All poodles are different and the opinions of their owners are quite subjective.

Some of them are very playful and spontaneous, others, on the contrary, are full of self-esteem and pride. But what undoubtedly unites them is upbringing, obedience, and not conflict. They are incredibly sociable and faithful. Poodles are firmly attached to the owner, so do not leave your dog alone with you, or rather far away from you for a long time, otherwise it will be very difficult for the poodle. To strangers, this breed is not aggressive, as much as possible it is barking, but if the poodle sees that you are in danger, he will immediately rush into battle. If you have small children, poodles are ready to play with them constantly. A poodle is easy to train. In addition, he is physically developed, so he loves to walk a lot.

And if your hobby is skiing in the winter, and hiking in the summertime is your weakness, then you will get a valuable and cheerful companion, because poodles are, firstly, not smooth-haired, and absolutely indifferent to bad weather, and, secondly, not tiring and energetic. So if you are a little lazy and do not want to train with poodles, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​having this dog.

Poodle Care
Caring for such a student is not difficult. Poodles practically do not fade, but require careful grooming. To prevent the hair from falling into a lump, the dog needs to be combed with different brushes, using a simple comb first and then a stiff brush. To cut a dog or not is your decision. But traditionally, this process begins when the puppy is a little over a month old, accustoming gradually.

Access to the ears is a bit more difficult. It will be easier to clean them if you first cut the wool inside. Eyes should be periodically cleaned with a weak solution of boric acid, as poodles are prone to all types of infectious diseases.

It is better to trim the claws of the dog once a week and half. And feeding requires a certain accuracy. Food should be natural, consisting of meat, sea fish and dairy products. You don’t need to mix it all up, just give it all to your beloved poodle at different times. We strongly recommend not to forget about cereals and vegetables.

Appreciate the love and respect of your dog, and she will answer you!

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