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English Setter

History of the English Setter breed
The English Setter is a breed from the group of cops, the representative of the Irish Setter, Gordon and English Setter, a direct descendant of old European dogs that were used in the Middle Ages to hunt game birds. The country of origin of the English setter is Great Britain.

In connection with the proliferation of firearms in the 17-18 centuries, these dogs underwent a transformation. They began to run faster, their stance became more beautiful. The appearance of the modern English setter is due to the researcher and dog breeder of the 19th century E. Laveran, who improved the quality of the breed by selection and selection.

English setters can be used not only as hunting dogs, but also as pets, but you just need to remember that they maintain their excellent appearance and health, walk them daily not only to fulfill their needs, but also for training: three-month-old puppies for at least 10 minutes, an adult dog for at least an hour.

The appearance of the English setter
English Setter – an elegant, beautiful dog, strong in physique. He is very fast, agile, temperamental and hardy. All these qualities provide the dog with tirelessness on the hunt.

He is obedient and easy to train, unpretentious, reliable and friendly, therefore he does not like loneliness, he really likes to communicate with people or other dogs.

In the mindset – intelligent, has good manners, cheerful, but not intrusive. He has an affectionate and kind disposition, so he can be a great friend for children. The English setter has a beautiful, elegant stance.

Head and neck are long, high set.

The body is strong, the ribs are rounded, the legs are dense, the ears are of medium length, hanging. The tail continues the line of the back. The coat is quite long, slightly wavy.

English setters in color can be: black and white, white with marks and red specks in various combinations, as well as three-color ones.

The weight of the dogs is 25-35 kg, the height at the withers of the dogs is 65-69 cm, the bitches are 61-65 cm.

English Setter Care
Caring for the English Setter is very simple.

He is the owner of long hair, but it sheds little and does not soar in the air, you need to properly care for it. It is necessary to purchase a rubber glove, massage and daily cleaning of the wool, wiping with a damp towel (to and fro). Since the ears of the English setter are long, they also need careful care. Ear mites may appear in them and sulfur may accumulate.

If you do not clean your ears, it can lead to otitis media. Also, so that there is no tartar, it is necessary to brush the dog’s teeth with a special brush and give sugar bites to gnaw.

Nutrition and diseases of the English Setter
English Setter – a dog mobile and active. Her nutrition should be balanced and proper in order to avoid excess weight and bone disease, which they are very susceptible to. These dogs love fresh vegetables, fruits, oily fish, nuts, and legumes.

Give them low fat, low fat dairy products. Do not eat: sugar, salt, meat products, fried foods, egg yolk, pastry, white rice, carbonated drinks and fruit juices. The amount of food eaten at a time is purely individual. But do not overfeed your pet! And further.

Do not mix dry food with natural. The English setter has diseases that are transmitted genetically: epilepsy and hip dysplasia. But there is epilepsy and acquired as a result of illness, stressful situations, improper use of drugs and vaccines.

Improper nutrition can lead to a disease such as osteoarthritis (joint disease).

If you have any pet malaise, contact your veterinarian and do not self-medicate!

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