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Basset Hound: History, Care, Nutrition, Disease

Basset Hound Breed History
Basset Hounds – bloodhounds received from the French blackhound and the dog of St. Hubert; the name “basset” comes from the French “bas”, i.e. “Squat”, “hound” – a hound.

Raised in the royal families (mainly in France and Belgium), these dogs were used to track and chase with moderate speed deer, hares, rabbits and other game.

In the USA, the Basset Hound breed quickly gained popularity thanks to its magnificent scent and became a common hunting dog. The popularity of the Basset Hound breed as a domestic dog appeared relatively recently.

In Europe there are several varieties of basset, including those that are higher than usual, with straight legs. Theories of the origin of Basset Hounds are different, so do not be surprised to hear that the country of origin of Basset Hounds is Great Britain.

The appearance of the breed Basset Hound
The popular American basset has about 38 cm at the withers. It has short legs and, like a hound, a massive body, well balanced. The coat is short, the skin hangs in folds.

The ears are long, low set, below the line of the eyes, very elastic and velvet in structure. The neck is strong, muscular and long. The tail is also long, strong at the base with a moderate amount of hair.

Basset Hounds have the largest and widest nose. They are painted in a combination of black, white and red. In general, these dogs are soft, sometimes with dignity, and sometimes tend to fool around. In order to be in shape, they need daily exercises, otherwise they may gain excess weight. Their stubborn nature requires patience in learning. Only mild educational tools are possible. Home schooling is sometimes delayed for a long time.

Most basset hounds are friendly to strangers, but some are incredulous. Individual males may show dominance by guarding their food and toys, growling and snarling at punishment or orders to do what they do not want. They do not like to obey – hence the difficulty with training. Bitches do not show these character traits and are more compliant. If there are children in the house – take a bitch, but remember, basset hounds – dogs are not for beginners!

Basset Hound Care
Since the hair of the Basset Hounds is short, they only need to be combed quickly once a week, but frequent bathing may be required, since this breed has a strong smell, especially after intensive walks (or hunting).

Shedding moderately, they are often called “sputum” for drooling. Take care of the cleanliness of your pet’s mouth and regularly care for its folds in the face.

Nutrition and Basset Hound Diseases
Basset hounds are prone to overeating, so their nutrition must be constantly adjusted so that they do not get fat. Do not feed your dog food from your table – use professional feed. Big ears of basset hounds are susceptible to infection, so you need to clean them regularly. These dogs suffer from glaucoma, eye age abnormalities, ectropia (“Cherry Eye”), and skin diseases.

Older dogs have von Willebrand disease. Since basset hounds have a long body and short legs, they often have back pain, especially if there are already problems with excess weight. If you eat improperly, your dog may have a gut twist.

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