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Dogs residing permanently in a house or apartment like to fool around. What are ragged wallpapers, bitten wires, or worn out housekeeping shoes. But street cousins ​​- dogs, who live in the yards of private households or in summer cottages – are not far behind them. These four-legged comrades tirelessly delve into the ground, as if looking for some kind of treasure.

Dog digs holes in the yard
In this article, we will try to figure out why dogs dig holes, and also find out how to deal with this outrageous habit. Why outrageous? Yes, because, firstly, the dug up garden looks unattractive, and secondly, the dog often digs holes, harming the plants that grow on the site.

Why dogs love to dig holes

There are many reasons why a dog digs holes in the yard. We will list the most basic:

Dog digs holes in the yard
The animal can hardly stand the heat, digging a hole for cooling. Even if the surface layer of the earth is hot from the sun, then already at a shallow depth the earth is quite cool. In an earthen recess, an animal exhausted by heat can rest a bit. If a dog digs a hole and lays in it, then this is a clear sign that it is very hot;

Burrowing hunting dogs can dig through the site in search of prey – moles, mice, hamsters, gophers. Dachshunds are considered to be passionate lovers of digging holes, as well as various varieties of terriers (scotch terriers, fox terriers, core terriers, etc.);

The dog digs holes near the booth, hiding excess food or the most delicious pieces on a rainy day, burying them in the ground. After a certain time, the animal tears up the “yummy” hidden in the ground and eats it (and poisoning is not excluded here);

Sometimes digging holes – a kind of surge of energy. Digging is an excellent physical education for especially active animals, which are rarely taken for a walk outside the yard;

A dog can dig holes in certain places if it is attracted to the smell of soil. This happens, for example, when the owners use bone meal (from the bones of cattle or fish) – an organic fertilizer for feeding plants;

Some dogs dig under the fence to escape during sexual hunting. Moreover, both males and bitching dogs seek to escape, and bitches during estrus in search of a sexual partner;

There are dogs that literally break through the site from boredom and loneliness. Thus, they seek to attract housekeeping attention. They seemed to want to say: “Hey, look, master, I have absolutely nothing to occupy myself with, play with me!”;

Animals furiously digging the ground during stress. At the same time, pets can look both unusually excited and apathetic. Under stress in dogs, the level of appetite can change (from a complete refusal of food to gluttony), behavior also changes, and not for the better (a pet can be aggressive, howl, constantly whimper, be overly obsessive, etc.). In such situations, specialist assistance is needed;

It also happens that a dog digs exclusively beds with root crops (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.) with a lack of fiber, which is abundant in plant foods;

A pregnant female can dig holes in the yard, thereby providing her future puppies with a rookery in the form of a depression in the ground.
Dog pit digging methods

It is certain that no owner will be delighted if his yard looks like a combat training ground dotted with holes. But what if the dog digs holes? The most important thing is to be patient, using trial and error trying to wean your four-legged friend from digging up the site.

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