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Afghan Hound
History of the Afghan Hound The origin of this breed of dogs is Afghanistan. The modern Afghan breed was obtained by crossing an ancient Afghan hound with the Persian greyhound…

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Afghan Hound

History of the Afghan Hound
The origin of this breed of dogs is Afghanistan. The modern Afghan breed was obtained by crossing an ancient Afghan hound with the Persian greyhound Salyuki and dates back to 1920. The Afghan Hound is a hunting dog that was used in antiquity in the hunt for antelopes, gazelles, wolves, jackals, snow leopards. Also used these dogs in the protection of caravans with valuable cargo. These dogs also served excellently as a shepherd’s service in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Hound is the national symbol of the country! It was first brought to the West in the late 1880s by English officers who served on the Indian-Afghan border.

Appearance of an Afghan Hound
The Afghan Hound has an aristocratic appearance and this is the main characteristic of the breed. When you look at this dog, next to it you can imagine vast lawns and a beautiful country house. This dog has always been highly valued because of its beautiful appearance, long decorative coat, flowing from the head, body, legs and ears in the form of a magnificent hairstyle.

The head is narrow and long, high and proudly raised. Ears set low with long silky hair. The Afghan hound has a strong body, a deep chest with convex hips, a flat muscular back, long muscular legs and strong wide legs – all these characteristics make it fast, and in running there is no equal to it.

Her speed is 60 km / h. Her run is a flight above the ground. Americans call the Afghan – the queen of dogs.

The wool of an Afghan hound is very beautiful, long and silky, therefore it requires special care. The color of the coat is black, gray, black-gray and even silver. The Afghan Hound is a beautiful dog, loyal and faithful. She has an independent character. The treatment with her must be firm, but full of love, as she often shows aggression, especially in her youth. Because of stubbornness it is difficult to train, but in good hands it becomes more obedient, as it is very sensitive to the owner’s love.

Growth Afghan Hound. The male – 68-74 cm, the female – 63-69 cm.

Life expectancy is 13-14 years.

Afghan Hound Care
The Afghan hound has a long silky coat, so it requires daily care and is very thorough. If, after a walk, the dog’s hair becomes dirty and tangled, it is necessary to redeem the dog before combing, since dry hair cannot be combed, because it will become even more tangled. If the dog is not very dirty, pour a bottle of water before combing its hair. It is necessary to comb from the roots to the ends of the coat.

Once a month, an Afghan should be bathed and professionally cut 2-3 times a year. Caring for this dog is very painstaking. Think about whether you have time for this? But the beauty of the dog justifies all the efforts and costs! In order for the dog to be in shape and in a good mood, she needs to run a lot, because her main craft is hunting.

The Afghan Hound needs daily regular walks and runs, at least 2 hours a day. Walking in the park and jogging in a suburban kindergarten are not enough for her. You should never forget that she is primarily a hunting dog and loves open space. Walking and exercise are not recommended in very hot or humid weather – this can harm the dog. This dog is absolutely unable to endure pain, therefore it must be handled carefully and with love.

Nutrition and Disease of the Afghan Hound
The Afghan Hound can eat both natural feeds and ready-made ones. But we must always remember that any dog ​​gets used to one type of food and is difficult to rebuild on another.

There are three types of diet for Afghans:

a) dry feed or canned food

b) only natural products

c) a mixed diet – the use of prepared feeds with natural foods. It is necessary to immediately determine the type of nutrition of the puppy, because then it will be very difficult to reconstruct to a different type of nutrition.

It will be best if in the mixed diet of daily food there are 2/3 of the prepared feed, and all the rest are products of a natural type of food.

Naturally, in order for the Afghan Greyhound to not get sick and look beautiful, she needs careful care and good balanced nutrition.

A dog may be susceptible to diseases such as:

bloating (bowel obstruction)
extended cardiomyopathy
hereditary myelopathy
Dipegmentation of the nose “squat”
Never self-medicate. If you feel unwell, always call your veterinarian!

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