Afghan Hound
History of the Afghan Hound The origin of this breed of dogs is Afghanistan. The modern Afghan breed was obtained by crossing an ancient Afghan hound with the Persian greyhound…

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Shar Pei - History, Care, Diseases, Features of the Breed
Shar Pei Origin: China Application: fighting, for protection, home. Shar Pei breed standard Shar Pei is an ancient breed of dog that has several standards. There are three main standards…

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Akita Inu - Character, Care, Training
Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary. Many lovers of…

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Belgian Shepherd – Care, Feeding, Character

The origin and appearance of the Belgian Shepherd
The Belgian Shepherd belongs to the group of North European Shepherds, from which the German Shepherds also descended. It has a small size and strong build. Outwardly, these breeds are very similar. The Belgian Shepherd’s head is moderately long, but not too wide, the ears are erect, the neck is set high, the back is straight, with a slightly lowered croup, the format is square, the tail is down, saber. The dog’s coat is long on the body, on the head, on the ears and on the front of the legs is short. Towards the back of the legs.

Basically, these were working and shepherd dogs during the Second World War, they served as connected and sanitary dogs of the Red Cross, beautiful guard dogs, they love and protect children.

Belgian Shepherd Character
Belgian Shepherd Dog is an overly active dog, smart and perfectly trained. She can become a faithful companion during hiking, jogging, cycling and other types of pastimes. She is sensitive and agile and is a great watchman.

Belgian Shepherd is smart, bold and independent. In extreme situations, she is able to make decisions independently. At the same time, she is obedient and quickly learns to any teams. Loves affection very much, but needs firm handling. Do not pamper your pet so that he does not lose the nature of the hunter and watchman inherent in nature.

Belgian Shepherd – a service dog, perfectly guarding the owner and his property. This dog is very cheerful and its mood does not depend on the weather or on the circumstances surrounding it, loves to walk and run a lot in the fresh air, and it needs to be provided with as much as possible. This breed has proven itself in training contests. In the hands of an experienced attentive instructor, the Belgian Shepherd is easy to learn, but does not like rough treatment, which will not benefit the dog, the owner of the dog, or the trainer.

The dog is very sensitive to the shortcomings of its owners, so it can grow both timid and overly aggressive.

Belgian shepherd dog flaws in the breed
aggressive or cowardly behavior, which is often the cause of improper training;
traces of pigmentation on the nose, eyelids, earlobes;
overly straight or weak shoulders;
open legs;
tail too high;
lack of a black mask on the face (color deviations).
Varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dogs
The Belgian Shepherd Dog has four varieties: Groenendael, Lakenua, Malinois and Tervuren. These varieties differ only in texture, color and length of the coat.

The male height is 61-66 cm, the female is 56-61 cm. Such sizes are for all varieties of this breed.

Groenendael is a Belgian long-haired shepherd. Her coat is straight, smooth, black. The dog looks mysterious, a little gothic and attracts fans.
Lakenua – differs from Groenendael only in color. The color of this species begins from fawn to red, with blackening on the tail and muzzle. Small white spots on the chest and fingers are acceptable. Representatives of this species are less common than others.
Malinois – This variety usually has a red or tan color, with a black mask on the face and blackouts on the ends of the coat. This variety is considered the most athletic and hardy of the “Belgians” family.
Tervuren – this species is very similar to Groenendael. His coat is the same long and straight, it differs only in color. Instead of black, the coat has a bright reddish color.
Belgian Shepherd Feeding
Every day to give various products:

Protein, both vegetable and animal origin: fish, dairy products, meat, eggs;
Porridge (wheat, rice, pearl barley, buckwheat), which contain carbohydrates that give dogs energy;
Vegetable and animal fats, which are responsible for the accumulation of energy;
Vitamins and minerals (vegetables, fruits).
Belgian Shepherd Care
The Belgian Shepherd is very fond of voluminous walks, and outdoor training, but they are unpretentious, they can be kept in an apartment, in a private house or in an aviary.

Long hair should be combed regularly, cut the hair between the fingers to prevent claudication or infection. Periodically, you need to brush your teeth and ears. Washing dogs is not accepted, even before shows. In general, dogs live for about 15-16 years.

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