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Ticks and pyroplasmosis

In 2016, ticks woke up from hibernation a month ahead of schedule. According to the Rospotrebnadzor, already in two regions of the region, Domodedovo and Istra, cases of human bites by ticks have been recorded. Similar news begins to come from veterinary clinics.

Please take care of your pet! Ticks are a carrier of pyroplasmosis, an extremely dangerous seasonal disease that is now very common. The dangerous periods are spring and autumn, especially when large differences in day and night temperatures appear.


Treat the dog with sprays and drops from ticks in accordance with the instructions, buy anti-mite collars (it is better to combine two methods of protection).
Remember that there are a lot of counterfeit medicines – try to buy funds in large veterinary pharmacies and large pet stores that value their reputation.
Processing should be carried out as a rule once a month, do not forget to reapply funds! Once a season is not enough.
Be sure to inspect the dog upon returning from a walk.

And, most importantly, do not wait if you notice something is wrong with your pet!

If the dog does not receive qualified treatment in a timely manner, it dies within 4-5 days from the moment of the first clinical signs. Without treatment, dog mortality reaches 98%.
When the first signs of pyroplasmosis appear: lethargy, refusal to play, poor appetite, further, weakness, apathy, dry and hot nose – immediately bring the animal to the veterinarian, time is a key factor!

Do not hesitate that you haven’t walked in the parks for a long time – after all, the incubation period in pyroplasmosis can last from 1-2 days to 2 weeks!

Acute piroplasmosis in dogs has the following symptoms:
– discoloration of urine (to dark, up to brown)
– yellowness or pallor of the mucous membranes;
– complete loss of appetite, refusal to eat, thirst;
– a significant increase in temperature;
– complete apathy;
– shortness of breath;
– diarrhea and / or vomiting, sometimes with blood.

Treatment of pyroplasmosis is possible only under the supervision of a doctor, as a rule the first stage is injections and droppers.

In a non-neglected case, a noticeable improvement occurs in 1-2 days, but it is important not to stop treatment, since at that moment the dog’s body is actively fighting the consequences of the disease, and the dog gets a huge load on the kidneys and liver.
With an insufficiently responsible attitude of the owner, even in case of cure, the dog can earn complications with kidneys, inflammation of the liver, heart failure and ischemic brain damage for life. The later treatment is started – the more health problems!

But prevention remains the best remedy! Please do not risk the health and life of your beloved dog – take care of tick protection in a timely manner! Think about it today – the ticks are already starting to attack!

Good luck and let your dog never get sick!
Sincerely, Team Pick a Dog!
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