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How to write a missing dog announcement

Have you lost a dog? Correctly compose an ad and distribute it in the area where the dog disappeared, as well as on the Internet. Reposts on social networks work wonders!

A competent ad contains an attractive headline, a description of the situation and photos. If you intend to publish on the Internet, you can add video materials.

Write a catchy headline. Use the word “Caution”. Next, write “the dog has disappeared,” or “pet,” or “family member.” End the headline with an exclamation mark. How emotional you use the words is up to you, but keep in mind that people have pity. They zealously rummage in memory and make reposts when it comes to a “family member”, and not just about a “dog”.

Another suitable option is the title with the name of the animal. For example, “The Balloon is Wanted!” Or “Attention, the dog has lost the Balloon!”.

When placing an ad for posting on physical media, use the Word tools: bold font in the Arial family, highlighting, borders and underlining.

In ads for sites without formatting, the first sentence can be made catchy using Caps Look. For example, “ATTENTION, a pet has disappeared!”

Upper case works no worse than bold, but it must be applied carefully. According to netiquette, words written in capital letters are equated with screaming.

What to write in the body of the ad
Be sure to indicate when and in which area the dog disappeared. Will you make people living nearby wonder if they have seen a loss in their yard?

Describe the circumstances of the incident.

An important block is the signs of the dog. Remember the color of the collar, the presence of the addressee or other remarkable details by which you can identify the animal. This, for example, scars on the face, knowledge of basic commands, the habit of responding to a nickname.

Describe the nature of the pet: contact or suspicious, friendly to people or wild. People notice such signs more often than others. Especially when it comes to a popular breed or cur.

An additional incentive to find a dog will be reward. True, in this case, prepare for an attack by scammers who want to get money without reliable information.

Photo Requirements
Pick clear photos that show your pet in full height. Post 3-5 photos from different angles.

In the main photo, duplicate some of the information: the word “Wanted”, the nickname and contact number of the owner.

Ad Example
ATTENTION, residents of Damansky microdistrict!

On the morning of May 8, in the area of ​​the Legenda cafe, a beloved friend and family member was lost. Doggie ran away for the “dog wedding”, and the elderly mistress did not keep up with him.


Pekingese white color. A thin brown collar is worn around the neck. Responses to the nickname Bonya. The dog is trusting and contact. We are afraid that yard dogs or evil people will offend him.

Who knows about Boni’s whereabouts, please inform by phone.


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