Checklist for those who decide to have a dog
The appearance of a dog is akin to the appearance of a new member of the family and is accompanied by a large number of changes for both the dog…

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All at least once noticed the prints of dog paws in the snow, damp ground or in the wet sand. But few people wondered how many fingers a dog had.…

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7 reasons why you should take a second dog
This article could begin and end with one sentence: "The more dogs, the more happiness." But let's try to tell everything in more detail. Along with the obvious pluses, there…

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Akita Inu – Character, Care, Training

Akita Inu are dogs with a good character, which makes them ideal for a family pet. They are known as a calm dog, bark only when necessary.

Many lovers of Akita breed say that this breed seems to be soothing, you feel calm and harmonious. In addition to the relaxing function of this beautiful dog, it has an outgoing character.

Akita Inu are known for their cleanliness, some people compare them with cats for lack of smell and clean appearance.

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How many fans there are for dogs, so many who are crazy about cats. And the truth, both those and other animals have a lot of advantages. Cats can heal joint pains and relieve stress with their measured rumbling, while dogs guard the house from ill-wishers and help people in distress. It is difficult to decide which of these pets is better. And what about the potential owner, who is at a crossroads, choosing between a cat and a dog?

Pros and Cons of Cats

Cats are one of the most popular animals on Earth, the number of these amazing creatures on the planet has long exceeded 500 million. And this figure is approximate, since only pets were taken into account when calculating, but homeless poor fellows were not included in this figure. Do cats have advantages? Their mass, we will try to list only a few:

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Going on a trip, it’s easier for a while to entrust the lookout for the dog to friends or someone close. But what if there is nobody to ask for help, or is it planned to move to another city or even another country for permanent residence? The only sure way out is to take your doggie friend with you. Animals can be transported on trains, but can dogs be transported on an airplane? Let’s try to figure it out.

Dog Air Conditions

When planning to travel with an animal, you should carefully study the rules for transporting dogs on an airplane in advance:

How to transport a dog on an airplane
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Basset Hound: History, Care, Nutrition, Disease
Basset Hound Breed History Basset Hounds - bloodhounds received from the French blackhound and the dog of St. Hubert; the name "basset" comes from the French "bas", i.e. "Squat", "hound"…


One of the most frequently asked questions regarding dogs is the ability of dogs to distinguish colors. Most often you can hear that dogs simply do not distinguish colors, but…


Poodle Breed
Having a pet in the house is quite popular these days. Many people believe that their pet is a full member of the family and take care of it with…


How many fans there are for dogs, so many who are crazy about cats. And the truth, both those and other animals have a lot of advantages. Cats can heal…