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Fort Cherry English Setters

Class Grouse/Walking Field Trial and Hunting Dogs

CH/2xRU CH Fort Cherry Dewey

Jar's Way Right

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We are located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, near the town of McDonald. Fort Cherry was a small blockhouse fortress located in the area during the French and Indian War, hence the name. I am not a large breeder of dogs and may have puppies on a very rare occasion. I do offer Dewey and JAR's Way Right to the public for stud as they have proven themselves as winners of the highest caliber in Open competition. As you look through the information on the dogs you will notice, I give my impressions of the dogs and then more importantly, look at what other people have written about the dogs. Many of these people are well respected individuals in the circuits in which we compete and I value their opinions greatly, as it helps to keep me honest in my opinion of the dogs.

The dogs are run in the string of professional trainer Dave Hughes (814-765-7706). Dave has won more grouse trials and grouse trial championships than any other handler in the nearly 100 years of these competitions. He has developed the dogs to their greatest potential. It is with his help that these dogs have become as good as they are, not only in developing the dogs, but in his developing me as a new handler and amateur trainer of these dogs. Arrangements can be made with Dave or myself.

These dogs are not just trials dogs. We hunt them extensively during the season and they have had hundreds of birds shot over them. I started out as a bird hunter and have moved into trials as part of my quest for better dogs, and as an extension of the hunting season.

Stud prices for my dogs vary, and will range as high as $450. This depends on the quality of the female being bred. The better the quality of the female the lower the price, or I may opt to take a pick of the litter, as I am always looking for a good prospect. As part of the stud service, I will help in selling your puppies. I have a list of people looking for puppies out of my dogs and I can place a picture of your female or puppies here on the website, at your discretion. Please call or email me any of your questions.

Jeffrey W. Crum
McDonald, PA 15057
(724) 926-2382