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To be blind or visually impaired is difficult in the modern world: it is possible to get under the wheels of public transport, walk past the desired building, get into…

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Belgian Shepherd - Care, Feeding, Character
The origin and appearance of the Belgian Shepherd The Belgian Shepherd belongs to the group of North European Shepherds, from which the German Shepherds also descended. It has a small…

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How many fans there are for dogs, so many who are crazy about cats. And the truth, both those and other animals have a lot of advantages. Cats can heal…

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Bloodhound Origin
Bloodhound belongs to the breeds of hunting dogs. This is a wonderful dog, and in her instinct she has no equal. On the hunt, she follows the trail perfectly, but does not kill the driven animal. Bloodhound means “bloodhound.” They have a strong sense of flair and they quickly find a wounded beast in its bloody trail.

Bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds, which is almost 1000 years old. The original home of these animals was the Ancient East, they were also popular in the Mediterranean countries. At that time, these dogs played a big role in people’s lives, and taxes were even allocated for their maintenance. The origin of the bloodhound is Belgium. Dogs of that time were black and white. To date, there are no pure black and white bloodhounds. Continue reading


Probably few people do not know the dog pug breed. Pugs are now a very popular breed of dog. In numerous soap operas, the pug is the dog of aristocrats. And this is no accident – the pug has always held “high posts” due to its charm!

The origin of the pug
Pugs, like many other flat-faced dog breeds, were bred in China. There they were considered wise sacred dogs for their deep, large folds on the forehead. They were surrounded by attention and care, they even had their own servants. Tibetan Sichuan dogs are considered the ancestors of pugs. In the second century BC, pugs were famous throughout Asia. Pugs were most popular during the Song Dynasty. After a short oblivion, this breed became again popular in Beijing at the end of the 17th century. Pugs have been known in Europe since the 16th century; pugs were especially popular in the Netherlands. Continue reading


Boxers can look tough and aggressive, but it is only superficial, in life they are attractive, playful and joyful friends for a person.

They get along with the whole family, including children and other pets, be it a cat, a turtle or another dog. A boxer is well suited for living in an apartment or in a large family.

Breed boxer
weight: 25-35 kg;
height: 53-60 cm.
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Labradors are dogs for people, they are always ready to go for a run with you in the vicinity or play ball with you as you like. Labradors are reliable companions in any conditions and are always ready to help. They love nothing so much as attention and activity, this breed of dog is considered hyperactive.

Labrador Retriever breed history
The history of this breed of dogs began in the 19th century. At this time, on the island of Newfoundland, there was the so-called “little Newfoundland”, which was a faithful helper for fishermen. Peter Hawker brought to England several of these individuals, which he called “St. John’s Breed of Newfoundland. ” From crossing these dogs with a curly-haired retriever and, possibly, an English Foxhound and setter, a well-known Labrador appeared. In 1903, an English dog club officially recognized the Labrador. The American Kennel Club certified this breed in 1917. Continue reading

German Shepherd

German shepherds are fierce, but at the same time friendly, they are calm confident dogs.

The German shepherd is ready to protect the owner at any time, as well as play or perform any task, the shepherd can be a guard dog, a police dog, a shepherd or a guide dog, this breed of dog is very versatile and ready for anything.

Active, smart, faithful, beautiful – here she is a German shepherd.

German shepherd breed history
The German Shepherd was bred relatively recently in the 20th century. It was an attempt to create a shepherd dog, the German breeder Max von Stefanitz is the founder of this breed. Continue reading

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Basset Hound: History, Care, Nutrition, Disease
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